We Help Enhance Engagement Levels With Employees And Customers.

Engaged workers stand apart from their not-engaged and actively disengaged counterparts because of the discretionary effort they consistently bring to their roles. These employees willingly go the extra mile, work with passion, and feel a profound connection to their company. They are the people who will drive innovation and move your business forward.

Unfortunately engaged employees are a minority (about 30% in the USA).

We can help you create a more engaged workforce and build positive bonds with employees and customers.

We have been concerned with the science of happiness, laughter and well being for over a decade. Our understanding of factors such as motivation, satisfaction and positive working practices, and how these influence behavior, makes us a go-to consultancy for engagement issues.

Our flexibility across a range of disciplines means we can help you help your teams buy-in to your message, engage with change and build loyalty.

Our tailored consultancy service concentrates on the underlying factors that make workers happy and engaged. Studies show that salaries and financial perks are not the main motivators. Instead development and progression, workplace relationships and challenges are just as important. Using our unique tools and processes we’ll help you identify areas where positive changes can be made and put methods into place to embed happiness and engagement. We focus on well-being, emotional intelligence, relationships and resilience.