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We offer a variety of high quality, inspiring and empowering events, presentations, workshops, and specialized programs on the resilient benefits of laughter, meditation and mindfulness packed with tools and strategies that you can implement right away and get results from.

All our programs are currently available in English, Spanish, and French.

We follow a systematic and science-based approach that delivers tangible and practical results, quicker. Our work builds upon the psychology of laughter and happiness. We use the Laughter Wellness method, a new and fun holistic methodology focused on amplifying a positive attitude and designed to improve physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

We have developed our expertise and refined our knowledge over a decade bringing innovative laughter solutions to 1000s across the Americas, Europe and Australia. We understand the psychology of behavior and motivation, and how to successfully work with large audiences.

Everything we do is tailored and adapted to meet the underlying concerns, issues, and obstacles facing your audience. Our understanding of their daily frustrations combined with our ability to genuinely connect with people is part of what have them embrace us as one of them, and take our powerful message in their everyday life to heart.

We can work with any size audience and will guarantee laughter as part of your event. (And we’ll also leave them thinking!)

Our mission

We help professionals have fun making a difference, and organizations boost moral and productivity, or reduce stress and costs.

Our philosophy

We believe in creating sound human connections, developing people, delivering sustainable outcomes, and R.O.I.

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We are a professional training and resource center for laughter as a healing modality, tool for personal development, and strategy for peak performance. Discover the simplest and most joyful way to exhale and move possibilities back into your life!

Trainings And Resources

Laughter Wellness Institute

Laughter Wellness Trainings

All America Laughter Conference

Event Management Of Our Annual Industry North American Conference

American School Of Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga Education And Resources

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Sebastian is an extraordinary leader in Wellness and Transformation through the use of laughter as an educational and wellness process. I am still implementing his ideas and strategies in my own work in Wellness and Transformation. Stephen Findley, Professional Motivational Speaker