The Laughter Consultants’ fee schedule for speaking engagements is mid-range and available upon request. Standard commissions are paid to speaker’s bureaus and agents. Discounts are considered for causes of keen interest.

While our speaking practice is primarily fee-based, we will consider pro-bono speaking engagements in the Los Angeles area only on a case-by-case and value-for-value trade basis.

By “value-for-value trade”, we mean that you must select at least three things that you can and will commit to do from the list below to help us publicize our business.

  1. Publish 6 – 12 articles provided by us in your organization’s newsletter and/or website.
  2. Provide a LinkedIn testimonial for us within one week of the program.
  3. Submit a letter of recommendation to three referrals interested in hiring us.
  4. Place a link to on your organization’s website for at least 6 months.
  5. Provide a master copy video (or digital) recording of the program to us.
  6. Allow us to collect names and email addresses from attendees and give them the option to sign up for our e-Newsletter.
  7. Submit an agreed press release before the program to at least three local media / newspapers / event calendars.