We offer a variety of high quality, inspiring and empowering events, presentations, workshops, and specialized programs packed with tools and strategies that you can implement right away and get results from.

We follow a systematic and science-based approach that delivers tangible and practical results, quicker. Our work builds upon the psychology of laughter and happiness. We use the Laughter Wellness method, a new and fun holistic methodology focused on amplifying a positive attitude and designed to improve physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

We have developed our expertise and refined our knowledge over a decade bringing innovative laughter solutions to 1000s across the Americas, Europe and Australia. We understand the psychology of behavior and motivation, and how to successfully work with large audiences.

Everything we do is tailored and adapted to meet the underlying concerns, issues, and obstacles facing your audience. Our understanding of their daily frustrations combined with our ability to genuinely connect with people is part of what have them embrace us as one of them, and take our powerful message in their everyday life to heart.

Happiness Interventions
(from 10 minutes)

Experience simple, effective, reliable and sustainable, clinically proven strategies for dissolving stress, tension and pressure in minutes, increasing resilience and improving your work/laugh balance.

Our icebreakers: (e.g., [modal_text_link name="icebreaker" class="" id=""]From 0 To Laughter In 0.5 Seconds[/modal_text_link]) are short laughter programs that are an ideal start to any meeting, conference, seminar or long drawn training.

We also offer a variety of fully hands-on 60-90 minutes fun-filled interventions that will get you to feel the joy in your heart, access your inner cellular pharmacy, open your lungs and ventilate your spirit, and much more… (e.g., [modal_text_link name="optimism" class="" id=""]The Laughter Wellness Playshop[/modal_text_link].)

Keynotes and Presentations

Here are some of our hot topics (45-90 minutes):

Stress Management ([modal_text_link name="stress" class="" id=""]How to Enjoy Safe Stress)[/modal_text_link]; Well Being and Peak Performance ([modal_text_link name="wellbeing" class="" id=""]Feel Good = Think Good = Do Good: The Science of Laughter and Happiness for Organizations[/modal_text_link]); Creativity ([modal_text_link name="creativity" class="" id=""]The Power of Laughter in Ideation and Creativity[/modal_text_link]); Team Building ([modal_text_link name="team" class="" id=""]Laugh Your Way to Team Building[/modal_text_link])

[modal_text_link name="health" class="" id=""]Laughter is a New frontier in Wellness![/modal_text_link]

[modal_text_link name="education" class="" id=""]Healthy And Happy Emotional Education For Everyone[/modal_text_link]

Our services are tailored to the specific needs and culture of your organization. We can work with any size audience and will guarantee laughter as part of your event. (And we’ll also leave them thinking!)

Trainings, Programs, Workshops

We deliver professional learning and development through a range of services, including one-off training sessions and workshops, to fully-embedded whole organization change programs.

Specialized Programs

Our expert coaches will work with you to design a confidential, solution-focussed coaching program to suit the needs of you or your team.

Our experienced consultants, coaches and facilitators can help you align strategy, people and processes. We use a systematic approach and techniques to encourage a shift in attitude and behavior in a target audience.

Allow us to help you evolve your edge!


General enquiry

Your laughter training has impacted my life profoundly. I can honestly say that you reached that goal with me. You are an extraordinary person with fabulous gifts that, thankfully, you share. Pat Bolles