TLC’s coaching is an individual service. We recognize that each client has unique needs, expectations, goals and challenges.

We know that optimistic people perform better, work better and think better. So while our coaching isn’t designed purely to make people happy, it calls upon our research into positive psychology and the larger world of human potential to provide our clients with techniques and tools they can implement right away and get results from to achieve their goals.

Business Coaching
  • Our expert coaches will work with you to design a confidential, solution-focussed coaching program to suit the needs of you or your team.
  • We provide the structure, inspiration and support to assist you in unlocking your potential in life and in business.
  • We believe great coaching is based on trust, skill and measurable goals. As everyone is different, each coaching program will be tailored to meet the needs of you and your organization.
  • Using deep questioning and analysis we help individuals understand their decisions, motivations, behaviors and actions. We identify factors blocking success and happiness and focus on strengths and opportunities for development to support personal and business growth.

We deliver team coaching sessions or individual sessions for team members, executives and managers.

Workplace Engagement

We help you create a more engaged workforce and build positive bonds.
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Workplace Wellbeing

We offer effective, tailored solutions and services to enhance your workplace well being levels.
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General enquiry

I often see your face and hear your positive affirmations you shared with us during our workshop. My energy level and happiness have increased tons since attending your workshop. Thank you for what you do!!! Karla Bruning, MD