About us

We are a team of seasoned consultants, coaches and facilitators with a lifelong passion for the field of human potential, wellness and overall wellbeing.

We’re professional, knowledgeable, informative, flexible and fun!

Our mission

We help professionals have fun making a difference, and organizations boost moral and productivity, or reduce stress and costs.

Our philosophy

We believe in creating sound human connections, developing people, delivering sustainable outcomes, and R.O.I.

Our Executive Team

Sebastian Gendry
Sebastian GendryFounder, C.E.O.
Sebastian Gendry is a public speaker, mentor, and trainer, expert in laughter and wellness. He helps professionals and entrepreneurs in a variety of fields go from stressed to strong, stuck to smiling, and emotionally sore to soaring. He is often described as an eloquent speaker with a low key charm. His life mission is to move the world to wellness. He is a repeat TEDx speaker and has appeared in 100+ newspapers and magazines as well as major TV shows in North America, Australia and India. This includes the Oprah Winfrey Show, 60 minutes and ABC Good Morning America.
Raquel Gendry
Raquel GendryDirector of Business Development
Raquel Gendry dedicated the first 20 years of her professional life to the world of acting (theater, television, cinema), story telling, directing, and organizing international events. A life-threatening disease led her to refocus her life to helping others as a therapeutic clown. She is the founder and former president of Fundación Narices Rojas, a leading Ecuadorian non-profit organization of therapeutic clowns. She has been a senior consultant with TLC since 2013, focusing on helping people in the American Latino community find and connect with their cheerful being, so they can experience their creative essence.

Our Philosophy

Fun, passion, humor and modern delivery techniques create buy-in and engagement, which helps drive development in any organization.

Here are the cornerstones of our philosophy:

  • Creating ConnectionsWe believe there has to be an emotional connection to learning and development. The Laughter Consultants are experts in behavior change and creative facilitation. We use humor and laughter to embed learning and provide an innovative approach to behavior change that is effective and successful.
  • Developing People. We believe that personal development and engagement is at the core of any organization, be it in business, learning, health or well-being. We want to know the things that make you, your people and your organization tick. We will observe and study this with you and with our wealth of experience across all sectors we can help you create exceptional teams who share your vision, deliver on behaviors and give discretionary effort every time.
  • Delivering Sustainable OutcomesWe learn and change behavior depending on our emotive response. Therefore, creating a positive emotional response to learning sustains motivation. Your team and individuals are more likely to be motivated and to continue the working style you want if they are happy and feel valued.  We do exactly this.
  • Return on investment is as important to us as it is to you, therefore all our programs are monitored and measured with you. We know it works and so do our clients, which is why they keep returning.