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About us

We are a team of seasoned consultants, coaches and facilitators with a lifelong passion for the field of human potential, wellness and overall wellbeing.

We’re professional, knowledgeable, informative, flexible and fun!

Our mission

We help professionals have fun making a difference, and organizations boost moral and productivity, or reduce stress and costs.

Our philosophy

We believe in creating sound human connections, developing people, delivering sustainable outcomes, and R.O.I.

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Sebastien Gendry
Sebastien GendryFounder, C.E.O.
Sebastien Gendry is corporate coach and consultant, and an international expert on laughter and how to unlock its many benefits to promote wellness and wellbeing in everyday life, at home and at work. He played a major role in introducing Laughter Yoga in North America, Russia and other countries, and was a major influence behind the creation of its master trainer program. He is the creator of the Laughter Wellness method, now practiced in 42 countries and counting. He encapsulates and shares the power of positive and playful energy and creativity.
Raquel Gendry
Raquel GendryDirector of Business Development
Raquel Gendry dedicated the first 20 years of her professional life to the world of acting (theater, television, cinema), story telling, directing, and organizing international events. A life-threatening disease led her to refocus her life to helping others as a therapeutic clown. She is the founder and former president of Fundación Narices Rojas, a leading Ecuadorian non-profit organization of therapeutic clowns. She has been a senior consultant with TLC since 2013, focusing on helping people in the American Latino community find and connect with their cheerful being, so they can experience their creative essence.

Our projects

We are a professional training and resource center for laughter as a healing modality, tool for personal development, and strategy for peak performance. Discover the simplest and most joyful way to exhale and move possibilities back into your life!

Trainings And Resources

Laughter Wellness Institute

Laughter Wellness Trainings

All America Laughter Conference

Event Management Of Our Annual Industry North American Conference

American School Of Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga Education And Resources

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General enquiry

I enjoyed the workshop tremendously. When I was driving to work Monday, my heart was still full of love for all who were in the class, the heart-laugh rays still going very strong. Laughter without humor is great. Adrie Min, Physiotherapist.